I’m Brandy: wife, photographer, dog lover, traveler, and I’m the lady behind Young Heart Photography. I’ve been shooting photography for five years but have always had a fascination with cameras and capturing moments. I grew up with a great-grandpa who followed me around with a video camera filming everything I did (even when I am quite certain it was uninteresting). This created a deep rooted love for documenting memories and to this day I still feel the same.

My favorite thing to shoot is people who just really love each other, something you can’t create with a model and a stylist. People who share real and genuine love interact with one another in a way that nothing else can compare to. This is the root of everything that compels me to shoot photography.

I want to see true raw emotions. I want to see your messy wind blown hair. I want to catch the little moments when no one else was watching that really meant the world to you. From a backyard wedding in your hometown to an elopement on a mountaintop, I’m ready for the adventure. I just love love, I really do.

- Brandy